Thursday, 18 September 2014

5 Versatile Closet Must Have For Ladies

Are you the kind of girl living with a hectic schedule and struggles from the "I don't want to wear this shirt again" problem? You don't have to buy everything in the market just because of your need for something new. It's easy to buy from UK, but what about the items you intend on buying?

Cardigans are appropriate to wear in almost every occasion; may it be in a mall or formal events. Any top will go great with a cardigan.
White shirt
Do you need one top that will go great with a skirt, shorts, and jeans? Do you need one top that will go great with the color violet, yellow, and pink? You can always buy from UK a white shirt that goes with just about any kind of bottom wear.
Black Dress
If you just recently used your black dress in an event, you can always use it again topped with a new set of accessories, a jacket, or even with just a different pair of shoes. It’s even great as a day work to night out outfit. Nothing could be as versatile as that.
Flat Shoes
You can't wear high heels on a beach, you can't wear sneakers topped with a dress, and you can't wear slippers to work. Flat shoes are the answer to footwear that goes with just about any occasion. It’s classy yet simple, the perfect combination.
A scarf can be your best friend if you intend on repeating the same set of clothes. This one accessory is enough to make it look like you're wearing something else.

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